CodingBee SCRATCH Program

Duration: 60 Mins  

No of Sessions: 12 Sessions

Scratch is the computer programming language that makes it easy and fun to create
interactive stories, games, and animations and share them online.
This course is an introduction to computer science using the programming language Scratch,
developed by MIT. The sessions are designed to help the students learn how to create
amazing games, interactive stories, applications, music, and art with a simple “drag and
drop” interface.
As the students design Scratch projects, they will start to think creatively, reason
systematically, and work collaboratively

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“Advance “caters to skillset development of the new age young citizens. Through experience and proper guidance, the course opens up a plethora of building up initiatives, implementation of raw ideas to a working model for the students. 

The concepts, projects, interactive sessions which form an integral part of the course are manifestations of the student’s involvement in experiencing learning.

The 12 sessions are categorically designed to work towards developing 21st-century skills which are communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and Creativity. The course encourages an advanced level of building up and coding aided with challenging projects and assignments.

Through the journey of the course, the young minds get ready and prepared to deal with decision-making, problem-solving and logical handling of situations. Experiencing real-world challenges in a learning atmosphere helps the students to become self-reliant and confident, thereby ensuring holistic development.

Technology is used as a tool and a concept while the kids experience complex scientific and mathematical theories like electricity, friction, and motion, square root, number system, etc,

mechanics, electronics, scratch coding, projects, gamified learning, presentations
Conceptual Knowledge, comprehension, analysis, application
Building/ Precision Assembling, accurate work completion, articulation of projects
active participation, selected attention, organizational skills
Skill Developments:
Critical Thinking, Logic Building, Presentation Skills, Evaluation skills, Creativity
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