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Python is widely used as it is more productive, it allows optimization of the most expensive
resources - employees, it enables improvement by fast innovation, most importantly it has a
rich set of libraries, frameworks and large community.
This course on Python Programming is an approach to understand a programming language.
The sessions are interactive and so designed that the students will get hands on exercises
and will learn about Computer science concepts such as data types, operators, flow control,
functions and packages and at the same time write Python programs

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The name of the course is self-explanatory as it focuses on the skill development of budding professionals. A fruitful journey imbibing experiential learning through hands-on projects, complex coding with different programming languages, introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning is what the course “ Professional “ is all about.

Learning through doing forms the core of the course structure exposing the young millennials to the industry-specific needs. A blend of technology and conceptual understanding gives the students immense opportunities to go beyond the curriculum, research, and experience topics of their choice. It opens up floodgates of creativity and innovation in the minds of the students and indulges them to take up complex assignments or projects in their stride. 

The 12 sessions of the course comprise of making Machine Learning Models, AI-driven projects, programming robots with multiple sensors, building complex bot structure, introducing mechatronics in assignments and experiences which lays a platform for career guidance as well.

Using Technology as a tool and concept, this course matches perfectly with the present industry needs and techno era.  

Learning Outcomes:


Coding with a different programming language, projects, complex bot structure, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning


Conceptual Knowledge, comprehension, analysis, application


Building/ Precision Assembling, accurate work completion, articulation of projects


active participation, selected attention, organizational skills

Skill Developments:

Critical Thinking

Logic Building

Presentation Skills

Evaluation skills


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